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Stéphanie DURAND

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Geophysics - Seismology

Post-doc at Institut für Geophysik

Münster, Germany

                                       DFG project HAADES

                                       Global mapping of the seimic

                                       and mineralogical properties of the D’’

!! News !!

December 2017

Our paper « SeisTomoPy: Fast visualization, comparison and calculations in global tomographic models » accepted at SRL

Download SeisTomoPy

November 2017

Our paper « Confirmation of a change in the global shear velocity pattern at around 1,000 km depth » accepted at GJI

Download SEISGLOB2

New version of SeisTomoPy


October 2017

Our session for EGU has been accepted

"SM1.02: Ground translation, strain and rotation: theory and applications"
The EGU will take place from 8–13 April 2018 and abstracts can be submitted until 10 January 2018, 13:00 CET through the following link:


Lecture at the doctoral school « Les Houches » see teaching to have access to the pdf of the lecture.

September 2017

Participation to « Highlights der Physiks: «Struktur und Symmetrie» an outreach event organized by the city of Muenster.

We had two experiments, one showing an analogy of Earth’s normal modes and one showing the resonance frequency of buildings depending on their height.

August 2017

Our Python Tools for plotting and exploiting tomographic models are now available on GitHub:


July 2017

I am invited for giving a seminar at LMU, Munich, Germany, on the 4th July.

‘’Global tomography: Why ? How ? What's new ?’’

June 2017

I will present my poster ‘’An attempt to combine earthquake and noise data

in order to image the D’’ beneath the North Atlantic region’’ at Cargèse meeting.

April 2017

I will present my recent results on ‘‘Evidence for a change in the global shear velocity pattern ~1,000 km depth ’’ at EGU 2017 in Vienna in April

(oral presentation on Friday 28th April 11:15, room K1)

Visit of the Earth Science Department of the University of Oxford for one week.

February 2017

I will present my recent results on ‘‘New insights into the mineralogy of D’’ beneath the North Atlantic region ’’ at DGG 2017 held at the university of Potsdam in March

(oral presentation on Thursday 30th March 11:30)

July 2016

Our paper « Seismic evidence for a change in the large scale tomographic pattern across the D" layer » accepted at GRL

Download SEISGLOB1

November 2015

My DFG project HAADES (Heterogeneities, Anisotropy and Attenuation in the Deep Earth through Seismic waveform studies) has been accepted !!! Beginning in March 2016 at the Institute für Geophysik in Münster, Germany.

Download our surface wave dataset (Durand et al. 2015)

Download directly the phase velocity and error maps (Durand et al. 2015)



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